In the news I have noticed there are dozens of barter/trade related news stories with a common thread – Craigslist. One story in the Reader’s Digest stood out. They are quoted as saying,

On craigslist, the classified-advertising website, requests for bartered goods and services were up 125 percent in the past year, making it one of the site’s most popular categories. Recent posts include “dining chairs for computer,” “litigation services for a reliable van,” and “my BlackBerry for your digital camera.”

This quote got me thinking, so I decided to a little of my own investigative research on the matter…but relevant to the barter industry. I follow the barter ads in my local area pretty closely, so I went back with a new eye towards looking for anything related to a barter exchange, that sounded like the seller was open to being in a trade exchange, or anything I thought would be of interest to exchange owners.

I found a couple of ads pretty interesting:

The first was from someone associated with an exchange in Salt Lake City. I put in a call this morning, but no one answered. I’m hoping to have a comment from them by Friday for Barter News Weekly. I’d love to hear from him that it is working and that sign ups are pouring in, but I doubt it. I think he will tell me he has had a couple of calls from it. Either way, it’s good exposure for an exchange. The ad looks like this:

Become a menber of a barter exchange-FREE (Utah-S.L.C.)

Date: 2009-09-13, 5:37PM MDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Are you a business owner or just like to trade? I’m involved with a great exchange(over 150 members locally). I traded for a CAR! There are NO monthly Fees or Enrolment Fees if you sign up with me. The only commission(6%) that you pay will be for your trade transactions. Pay for when YOU TRADE. You now have the power to barter for many items. Call for info. Trader TROY (801)898-8769

The next ad I liked was one I was surprised to see on Craigslist. Most of the ads are for something small or service related trades, this one says:

28 acres NE Arizona. Less than $400 PER acre. Investment, camping – $11000 (Navajo – St. Johns – Holbrook – Chambers)

Clearly there are things other than massage that you can get on trade by watching Craigslist.

The last ad I found I forwarded on to my own broker, Aaron Orgill at the Barter Anywhere Group.

“I own a lawncare and tree removal company and would like to trade my services for Chiropractic services. I do lawn service on the east side from Millcreek to Draper but would be willing to entertain offers. If you need treework, I travel from Provo to Layton. If you are interested, please call Dennis at 801-694-6565. Check us out at Thanks for looking.”

I saw Aaron this morning. Apparently he called the lead on Saturday and signed him up on the phone, without meeting at all. I remember doing this same thing a couple of times back when Craigslist was small and barter listings were short and sparse. Good for Aaron.

Clearly, these kinds of message boards can be a source of fantastic referrals for a trade exchange, if you are willing to keep working them and stay on top of what is going on. If you need some help finding the barter listings on Craigslist in your area, shoot me an email and I will help you out…

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