Create an Alternative Health Care Package

Small business owners struggle to provide benefits for their employees. Especially in a down cycle, like that which we find ourselves in now, are notorious times of pulling back on benefits and extra spending. Employees are finding themselves with less coverage at a more expensive rate, possibly becoming disgruntled and possibly leading to higher turnover inside the business.

Our tip? Build an alternative health care package from members in your exchange and offer it as a benefit package to your clients, to give to their employees.

One way this could work, that we have done in the past, is to buy in to inventory certificates from dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, energy healers, acupuncturists, and family doctors in rates that would cover a normal visit. Then we packaged those certificates in to what we recommended for a year of use by one person and sold them to our members for their employees.

Another way it could work is to sell blocks of certain services to your members – $2000 of dentistry here, $500 of massage there, that they can offer back to their employees.

What is your take? We’d love some commentary or some of your experience with this.

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