A Word on Christmas Trade Shows

My first introduction to the barter industry was as a sales person for a local exchange, United Business Exchange. I was trained as a sales person while I was working in another branch of the company doing networking groups for business owners, but fell in love with the idea of trade exchanges and the power that they have in lives and in business, and was thus promoted to managing that exchange within a matter of months. Besides hiring and training some trade directors, my first task was to arrange the Christmas trade show.

You have to understand, the exchange had never done more than $30k in a month. Ever. With about 150 members. I set what I thought was a high goal, $100k for the show. We rented a local facility on trade, invited a couple dozen vendors to come sell their products, and called every member of the exchange twice and personally invited them to come to the show.

The outcome? Over three days we did $125k. That translated to about 12,000 in cash fees generated for the exchange.

If you are thinking about starting a barter exchange, you need to consider that Christmas is one of the most compelling times for your members to barter. Barter exchanges expand Christmas buying and really make magic happen. And plenty of the revenues of your barter exchange happen in the fourth quarter, year after year.

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