The Best Trades I Have Ever Seen

When I started working for the United Business Exchange in 2000, I often wondered about the magnitude of trades I would see…would I see huge transactions? Would I see entire buildings traded? Would I see manufacturers trading huge amounts of freshly created goods? Would my clients barter for things like vacations to Europe?

Within a couple of months I realized that, yes, I would see all of this, and more. In honor of those old days when I was learning how to start my own barter exchange, I offer this list of the coolest trades I have seen. I have heard of many other bigger and perhaps cooler barters than these, but these are those that I have seen with my own eyes and participated in actively.

1. RV for Furniture – One of my clients called one day and wondered if I could do anything with an old RV that was sitting in his driveway. After taking a look at it, taking some pictures, and doing my broker magic, I was able to get him the equivalent of $8000 of goods and services that he wanted, including a trip to Disneyland and some furniture he had wanted for years.

2. First Class Tickets to Europe – My wife and I planned a trip to Italy at the end of summer in 2006. My partner owned a publishing company, and as a gift to me, did a direct trade with a first-class-only airline. Needless to say, my wife and I were very comfortable on our cross Atlantic flights.

3. Pool Tables for Warehousing – I mention this one because I was intimately involved in the deal. A client, who sold pool tables and gaming equipment, needed someone to handle logistics and shipping, incoming and outgoing, on a regular basis. From my network of contacts I was able to get him a fulfillment company who handled all of his incoming freight from China, repackaged equipment and sent it, all on trade. We made a number of our clients happy who wanted pool tables at the same time.

4. A 1/3 Acre Lot on a Golf Course – One of my real estate clients traded, free and clear, a 1/3 acre building lot on a golf course in Northern Utah. As I recall it was a $40,000 transaction.

5. A New Set of Dentures – A client who had suffered about his teeth for years went in to one of the dentists I traded with and got a whole new smile. His life changed entirely after getting those new teeth…

If you have ever thought about starting your own barter exchange, now is the time. Not only will you make a good living, but you’ll be living a life of service. Bartering opens the realm of possibility wide and lets ordinary people do extraordinary things. If you are wondering how to start a barter exchange, click the link at the top and find out.

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