The Opportunity of Holidays

It’s been brought to my attention that many barter brokerages aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity of ALL holidays. One of the exchanges I work with squandered the opportunity of putting together Mother’s Day packages for its members…

Here’s the basic concept: You work with business owners. Business owners, by nature, are busy. Busy people forget all about holidays, even holidays that celebrate their wives, their children, or their parents and extended family. They forget that Halloween is around the corner, and probably only remember Christmas because they are in retail and it makes a huge difference to their bottom line.

Most barter exchanges limit their holiday offerings and promotions to a couple of basic holidays: Christmas and Valentine’s Day (maybe). A resourceful barter exchange owner will take the time to promote all interesting holidays. Some that I would recommend putting packages together for include Spring Break, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the 4th of July, Memorial Day (think vacation or stay-cation ideas), Halloween, Thanksgiving, and obviously Christmas.

Most business owners check either email, text messages, voice mail messages, or one of their social networking accounts on a daily basis.

A simple email or text listing a dozen or so options for your client to purchase for an upcoming holiday can do a multitude of things for your business. Your member feels like they are getting their money’s worth, that you are doing a good job, and most likely you’ll experience an increase in volume and make more money. Why? Because you did what they don’t have time or the desire to do: figure out what to do for the holiday.

For example, for mother’s day you could promote the traditional items like flowers, spa certificates, massage, and jewelry. An enterprising barter exchange owner would go farther. After a little time thinking, you could create a secondary list, a list of things that mother’s would want but maybe not think about like a family portrait session that could be given as a gift certificate. Maybe the mother in your client’s life would want to get some remodeling done and you happen to have a new painting company. Perhaps you have a new bed and breakfast that could be promoted, or a cabin rental, so that your client’s mother could have a night off.

By reaching deep in to the list of clients you have and promoting even the most vague of holiday-related things for the upcoming holiday, you show your clients how resourceful you are, how much you are thinking about them, and how good your service is.

This is paramount in the barter industry. How much service you render to clients will be THE indicator of your income. If you are showing great service, you’ll make good money. Service in the barter industry means opening new doors to new ideas and promoting your clients internally and externally. It means making clients aware of things they have never thought about, and providing them with new and exciting ways to spend their barter. Holidays are a great time to communicate those ideas.

Part of the training I provide for barter exchanges includes learning to think this way. Thinking around the box for barter exchange owners is one of the best ways to create new opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about how our training can help you maximize your exposure and volume, please contact us at 801-618-4901.

In the mean time, get out your calendar, look at the upcoming holidays, and jot down some notes about what you can and will package and promote.

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