Holy Update Batman!

This summer we celebrate our fourth year of business. When we created this site in 2009, the purpose of the site was to help those interested or currently working in the barter and trade industry to have a resource that could help them overcome all obstacles they face when starting and operating a trade exchange.

Since then we have helped dozens of start up and established exchanges all over the world become stronger, better managed, and more prosperous. Up to today, we’ve been proud of our work.

As times have changed and technology advanced, we’ve noticed some problems with the site. For example, it took an inordinate amount of time for the videos on the site to load. Many machines not equipped with Quicktime were not able to view the videos at all. The site itself wasn’t very mobile friendly, and unless you had a large screen, it looked bad.

All of that ends today. Over the last week we have revamped our site and improved many areas of frustration.

Our videos are now loading faster and are viewable on just about any device, flash/Quicktime equipped or not.

Our site is now responsive, which means it will look good on just about any device and screen size.

Our courses have been reorganized and regrouped and now include quizzes and other material to help.

If you bought one of our courses in the past, your access to those courses is exactly the same, but going forward the new courses are a bit different.

If you add up all of the cost of all of our new courses, the total price is $1929.95. If you are an exchange owner or want to be one, you are invited to investigate our courses, and if they are for you, you can purchase all of them for only $1495! Simply use the code¬†givemeaccess! at checkout and you’ll automatically save $434.95!

We are also now accepting many barter currencies for exchanges that are already in business, ask if yours applies.

We hope you find our new changes beneficial. Contact us if you have any questions.

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