Announcing Our Partnership with the All Business Barter Co-op

It’s still a wonderful time to get in to the barter industry. Businesses may be recovering a bit and the economy in general is improving, but businesses are still looking for other ways to expand, to do more with what they have, and get closer to abundance.

You may have considered starting an independent exchange, but were daunted by the mountain of tasks that need to be completed before you can dig in and generate revenue.

You may have considered working with one of the majors, but were dismayed by the percentage you’d have to pay in franchise and other fees, and worried about not ultimately owning your own clients.

Is there another way?

There is! We have partnered with a reputable company, All Business Barter, and concocted a new way to own an exchange. We wanted it to have the power and utility of a major exchange and the flexibility and freedom of being an independent.

We’re calling it the All Business Barter Cooperative Effort.

It is co-op style ownership, where every broker has an equal share in the ownership of the co-op and yet still owns their own members.

Here’s how it works: we all share branding, fee structure, and the expenses related to barter exchange ownership. Our start up costs are less than a franchise, with all of the same powerful benefits. Decisions regarding the co-op are made as a group. We share and adhere to rules and processes that ensure the long term stability and value of our common currency. We prosper together,
support each other, and enjoy more business because of our cooperative effort.

If you are interested in finding out more check out the details a little further at

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