About the Exchange Trainers

Magic in the Making

After watching new exchanges fail, new brokers get lost in the process, and the general disarray of the barter industry in general, Tyler Seamons, a long time barter professional, decided to put together the Exchange Trainers as a way of assisting the barter industry in their primary goal: long term health and expansion. After assembling a team of brokers and trainers, the Exchange Trainers sought a software company with the same values and standards. Searches were made, interviews conducted, and the software providers Exchange Trainers endorses are Barter 21 and Nextrade360. He also encourages exchange owners to explore the possibility of turning their existing or new exchange in to a cryptocurrency instead of using off the shelf barter software.

Tyler’s Background

Since May of 2000, Tyler has been involved at a high level in the barter industry. As a franchisee of a regional barter/trade exchange he took a one man office with 40 clients doing no volume per month to a bustling office of ten employees, over 400 members, with an average monthly trade volume over $400k per month in two years.

Tyler was elected President of the Broker Board three years in a row, served as a voting member of the Board of Directors for three years, and received many industry accolades including: Broker of the Year (3 Years in a row), Most New Members (2 Years in a row), Highest Trade Volume (3 Years in a row), Most Cash Collected (2 Years in a row), and more.

He pioneered many barter industry advertising plans, barter podcasts, and designed a course on the basics of barter, which increased sales of memberships by 25%. As a coach, Tyler has helped dozens of brokers and exchanges start, build, and succeed in the unique business opportunity that is barter.

He also has created and managed the Barter News Weekly website, one of two industry specific news websites, which publishes any barter industry related news, stories, and video.

Brad Howard joined the team as CEO in 2017 and is planning a grand expansion of the available trainings.

Programs and Products

The Exchange Trainers have created a wealth of programs and products to help new exchanges quickly build membership and volume. Anyone from a brand new business owner to a five year veteran can benefit from the specific training these programs offer.

We dedicated to creating ethical and prosperous trade exchanges by teaching exchange owners the right and ethical standards that should govern the industry. Our experience has given him unique insight in to the inner workings of owning and operating a barter exchange. Our programs are designed to maximize your returns, generate more cash, and help you stay focused on the things that create success for you, long and short term.

What’s In It For You?

By taking one of our course,s you will walk away with the power to make more money, help your clients more effectively, and build a business that will generate money for you long in to the future. Our ability to focus on key issues and help you overcome whatever barriers stand in your way will be a key to your success.

The Exchange Trainers may be contacted at:
Phone: 801.618.4901

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