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Using Barter and Trade With Employees

Today I ran across an article that nicely articulates what I have talked about for ten years: using barter as a source of employee bonuses and perks. I used to put together packages of dentistry, massage, chiropractic, and certificates to family doctors and sell them to small businesses as a way to add to their […]

Another Way Businesses are Using the Internet to Barter

I found this video in my daily search for new barter/trade related news. Check this out…a landscaping company who puts up a video with the intention of creating more business through a YouTube video about how they barter. I think this is a great example of taking the crappy economy in to your own control […]


In the news I have noticed there are dozens of barter/trade related news stories with a common thread – Craigslist. One story in the Reader’s Digest stood out. They are quoted as saying, On craigslist, the classified-advertising website, requests for bartered goods and services were up 125 percent in the past year, making it one […]