Barter as a Business Strategy


The Barter As a Business Strategy program is a one hour downloadable MP3 interview the founder of Exchange Trainers, Tyler Seamons. In this audio you will be shown exactly what you need, to take what you have and get what you want. You’ll also learn why trading is important and all of the many uses of barter in your life and in your profession.

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How I got a $40,000 building lot on a golf course for free…

*Almost, not Actually For Free. But Pretty Darn Close.

Let me explain…For the past 5 years I was a broker in a barter business. What I saw in my business amazed me, over and over. What I saw was hundreds of people getting exactly what they wanted for their lives, for their families, for their businesses, and themselves without paying cash…

Imagine yourself on a cruise in the Caribbean or on a ski vacation in Vail. Imagine never having to pay cash for dinner again. What would your life be like if you could keep your paycheck every month instead of paying bills with it, AND STILL GET WHAT YOU NEED AND WANT?

I haven’t paid for dinner at a restaurant in five years. I have traded and had my cars fixed, traded for a brand new snowboard, and even traded for braces for my wife. All without paying cash.

You may have seen the secret movie or heard about the law of attraction…those are great, but this is a concrete way to get what you want in your life, without paying cash.

Let me give you an example. I had a client that owned a printing company. One day I set up a deal where she could get a building lot, a 1/3 acre building lot, with no cash. All she had to do was provide printing. That’s $40,000.00 of property she didn’t pay one green dollar for.

This is what I saw over and over…

What I am talking about is barter. Yes, barter. This isn’t a new thing, or a new program, it’s not even a different take on an old program, it’s just the real and true magic of the barter system put to new use.

Our American dollar wasn’t invented until the 20th century. Do you know what we did before the dollar? We traded or bartered goods and services. We traded them frequently and for all of the things we needed and wanted. With the advent of the American dollar and a standard currency we became lazy.

Yes, we are lazy. We’ve forgotten how to get what we want without paying cash. And that is why I developed this program, Barter As a Business Strategy.

In addition, the principles that govern barter are so simple and so beautiful that they are completely overlooked in our modern society. The big businesses don’t want you to know these simple secrets that can open the door to freedom, independence, and abundance in your life. They don’t want you to know because if you know the secret, you won’t spend your dollars with them…you’ll keep them to yourself!

One of my clients once asked me what is the most important principle when it comes to being successful at barter. The answer is – have an open mind. You never know what you could do if you never try…

Barter can become a way of life. Maybe you heard the story of the guy who took one red paper clip and traded it for something else and did that over and over until he got a house. If he did it, you can too, and I am going to show you how.

All of us are lazy. We take for granted that we get paid our check and that we can keep those dollars to ourselves and still make our lives work and get what we want.

How would you like to never pay cash to see a dentist again?

The principles I lay out in this program are the same principles Fortune 100 companies use to save millions of dollars every year, because the principles are true! They work with anyone!

Do you have a skill, stuff, or time that you aren’t using well? Can you do something that someone would pay you cash for? If you do, you have something to trade.

Do you have stuff sitting around that you could trade? Maybe a couch or a bike or something? Do you spend a lot of time watching the TV that you could trade to get other things?

A lot of people think you need to have a business of your own to take advantage of the magic of barter, but they are wrong! Dead wrong! In Barter As a Business Strategy I will show you how to take what you have and get things for it that you want.

There are billions of dollars of stuff that gets traded every year…when are you going to get yours?

What do you want that you have been putting off buying? What would you do with your life if you had an extra $5000.00 to spend? What if you could trade your stuff, your time, or your services, to get exactly what you have been dreaming about?

As a barter professional, I charged $500 just to start working with a client, not counting the 12% they paid me on every trade I did for them.

In this limited time Internet offer, I am giving away the Barter As a Business Strategy program for only $9.95!

The Barter As a Business Strategy program is a one hour downloadable MP3 interview with me, Tyler Seamons. In this audio I will show you exactly what you need to take what you have and get what you want. I am also going to explain to you why trading is important and all of the many uses of barter in your life and in your profession.

As part of the package, I will throw in the work book I designed to help businesses succeed by bartering. This work book will show you step by step how to make barter happen and will help you design a plan to make it work for you quickly and easily.

PLUS, as a special incentive for you to act now, I will throw in a special report on the best websites on the internet for trading/bartering! You won’t even have to look for places to trade your stuff…I’ll show you where to do it!

All of these will come straight to you in an email after your purchase. You won’t have to go somewhere to download them, they’ll come right to you in your email in formats that you can use on any computer. (MP3, Rich Text, and PDF) Within five minutes of purchasing this program you will have everything you need to be able to put the power of barter to work in your life! All for only $9.95!


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