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Announcing Our Partnership with the All Business Barter Co-op

It’s still a wonderful time to get in to the barter industry. Businesses may be recovering a bit and the economy in general is improving, but businesses are still looking for other ways to expand, to do more with what they have, and get closer to abundance. You may have considered starting an independent exchange, […]

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The Opportunity of Holidays

It’s been brought to my attention that many barter brokerages aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity of ALL holidays. One of the exchanges I work with squandered the opportunity of putting together Mother’s Day packages for its members… Here’s the basic concept: You work with business owners. Business owners, by nature, are busy. Busy people […]

Some Thoughts on Currency Value

I’ve been reading a lot of stories lately about the value of currency. There are a lot of people that are worried about the value of the American dollar, assuming that the value of the dollar is going to plummet in the very near future. Many radio pundits and survivalists are declaring that we need […]