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Commodity Traders Invading the Barter Industry

The news is that paper traders have pulled their money out of the financial markets and put it in commodities, which creates an artificial scarcity of those commodities, which pushes the price up and makes retail prices higher, etc. The nugget at the end of the article I read was this: Hutchinson calls for countries […]

It’s All About Your Broker

Having been in and around the barter industry since 2000, I’ve seen a dozen or so trade exchanges, locally, come and go. Some have been great, some have been ok, some have been terrible. The one common thread in them all has been one fact that the barter industry can not afford to ignore: your […]

Using Barter and Trade With Employees

Today I ran across an article that nicely articulates what I have talked about for ten years: using barter as a source of employee bonuses and perks. I used to put together packages of dentistry, massage, chiropractic, and certificates to family doctors and sell them to small businesses as a way to add to their […]


In the news I have noticed there are dozens of barter/trade related news stories with a common thread – Craigslist. One story in the Reader’s Digest stood out. They are quoted as saying, On craigslist, the classified-advertising website, requests for bartered goods and services were up 125 percent in the past year, making it one […]