If you have a sales staff that could perform better (and who couldn’t) you need to get Brad to teach this class to your exchange. For years I heard, did and taught the “here’s what barter is all about” method. Boy was I wrong!
– Catherine Cohen – Barter 21

As a former barter exchange owner for 15 years, and the Executive Director of IRTA for the last three years, I have participated in, and seen a lot of barter sales seminars over the last eighteen years. But I must tell you, I was very impressed with your unique approach and creative methodology for barter sales. I learned a new proven approach to barter sales that makes good sense and clearly is effective. I’ve always loved selling barter and your program only has increased my enthusiasm.

Thanks again for helping make IRTA’s 31st International Convention such a great success! – Ron Whitney – IRTA Executive Director

I have been in the barter business for over three years and have been lucky enough to have Tyler as a mentor from day one. He is a man who can, and often does, open up a world of possibilities. His program is well worth the investment you will make. He is demanding in a good way. He takes a stand that you be the best you can be in the barter business and life, and in the four years I have known him both in business and on a personal level, he always has your best interest at heart. – Aaron Orgill, Barter Anywhere Group

Brad, your training is well organized and empowering. One of the reasons I took your Boot Camp training is because you answered several issues in a previous discussion several months ago. I already noticed the improvement I am having with new and existing prospects and feel more confident in making them quality exchange members due to your excellent input.

Gordon Eisenburg – Great Trade Solutions – Charlotte, NC

Brad challenged us to greatness at every turn, and helped our organization achieve above average results, and increase our expectations moving forward. I know I can say with confidence that our success moving forward will be a result of the principles shared by Brad over these last 4 weeks. The smartest decision we have made in this new venture was to sign up for this class. Thank You Brad for being excellent at what you do, and passionate enough to inspire others.” Christopher Coltler – Barter Matchmakers

It’s been a great change in mindset and productivity in my office since we started with you Brad. We went from 1 appointment for next week to 5 in just 2 days of calls.

Coreen Huber – Intrercoastal Barter Exchange

The techniques we learned has changed the way we set phone appointments. Our success rate has doubled. This is a drastic change to the way we have ever approached a client. “- Ronnie Graham – ITEX